The Look Now Project breaks down the barriers between a survivor’s public persona and their private struggles with the breast cancer. In 2010, Syracuse University professor Tula Goenka, herself a breast cancer survivor, was the first of three subjects to be photographed for a proof-of-concept. As the 2016-19 Newhouse Endowed Chair of Public Communications, Goenka relaunched the Look Now Project with a new collaborative team.

The 2018 Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer multimedia installation at Point of Contact Gallery focused on the personal stories of survivors from Central New York. Interactive text, graphics, mirrors, and an experimental silent film enhanced the exhibition’s visual core, which presented 44 participants—25 with clothed photographic portraits and images of bare chests, and 19 who chose to remain anonymous except for their bare chest close-ups. Cindy Bell, also a breast cancer survivor, was the project photographer.

TitBits: Breast Cancer Stories is a documentary theater performance produced and directed by Tula Goenka, and written by Nancy Keefe Rhodes with Kyle Bass. Presented in November 2019, it dramatizes the stories of those touched by breast cancer—patient, survivor, caregiver, medical practitioner, and advocate.

Both were presented by the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the Syracuse University Humanities Center’s Syracuse Symposium series, and co-sponsored by the David B. Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics and Light Work.